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  Shapes of Sleep

Album artwork

  Faster Than Fairies

Exhibited at Bury St Edmund's art gallery
in April 2006 as part of Platform 6.

  This other Eden

A photographic odyssey sampling and characterising our land by visiting degree confluence points, the intersections of lines of longitude and latitude at whole degree intervals

(This links to a presentation rather than a simple gallery of photographs)

  The Seven Deadly Sins

Two series of photographs illustrating the traditional sins in a contemporary style

 Award winning photographs

The Seven Deadly Sins: Lips
The Seven Deadly Sins: Fruit & Veg
  Where In The World

Inspired By Places

Gwynedd Moods
Made In The USA
Portmeirion: Italianate grand folly
New York City
Firenze e Toscana
  Retail Therapy


Strawberry Fair
Shops With Attitude
Trade Winds
  Portraits and almost portraits


  Iconic Features

Markers of various kinds: doors, windows, gravestones, numbers

In Memoriam
Doors and Windows
Visual Arithmetic
Cloud Nine
  Norfolk Coast In Winter

Three different intepretations of the nature of the coast when the tourists have gone home

A Day In The Life Of The Marsh
Cold Comfort
Two´s Company

Making photographs with a theme

Cities of Slate
Around a pond
Frost, Ice and Snow
A Selection of Animals
Way To Go
Sky Writing
On The Move
Life & Death
  Events, Commissions and Projects


Jarrolds Window
Edinburgh Old Town Fire
City of Cambridge Brass Band
Seeing Sideways
Ha! Ha! Bar
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